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Where to use Curved Glass: Design and Innovation into the world architecture
Curved Glass has changed the industry of design and architecture, offering creative and functional choices.
VEUR, as a glass manufacturing company leader constantly explores and promote multiple applications, of this expectional product.
Modern and Futuristic Architecture
In modern architecture, curved glass has been an iconic element, adding a dimanic and modern touch to every structure. From imposing skyscraper facades to bold exhibition pavilions, always offering new forms and styles building creativity.
Innovative indoor design
Into indoor spaces, curved glass is accurately giving creative choices. From glass walls and spiral staircases, a transparent and flexible glass creates bright and charming environments, giving a touch to designed indoor spaces.
Furniture and Decorative Objects
In addition to architectural uses, curved glass is increasingly popular in the furniture and home decor design industry. Tables, chairs, lamps and even bathtubs – the possibilities are endless. Thanks to its resistance and flexibility, curved glass allows the creation of unique pieces with a great aesthetic impact, which integrate harmoniously into any environment.
Outdoor design
Curved glass has a relevant element of outdoor design. Pool covers and motorway protective barriers. Its resistance to weatherhing, its adapting structure are just few elements of this great material, ideal for all applications.
Its versatility, beauty and resistance continues to inspire world architects, engineers and designers, transforming their projects in reality.
At VEUR, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this curved glass progress, waiting to see where the future of design takes us.