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About VEUR

Meet The Team

For over sixty years, our family, by dint of the valuable collaboration of qualified operators and professionals in the glass industry, transforms the crystal into extraordinary manufacturing piece of design that can enrich public and private buildings in Italy and abroad.

Our passion is reflected in our work

Modern Architecture

Through the glass, we look at the future

Today VEUR, collaborates with international professionals of the glass industry. Our company gains clients trust thanks to highly controlled production management, dedicated technical support, operational flexibility, and precious care to details.
It is precisely by investing in the details that the team has succeeded in its intent: an organized working system whose goal is to efficiently elaborate any project and conquer a privileged place in the Italian and foreign markets.


We innovate each single project with no exceptions

Operating structures with a specific area dedicated to quality control for each phase of glass production.


We deliver directly to our clients

Best equipments and precision machineries for the processing of tempered curved glass.


We build things that inspire people

Specialized team that welcomes every customer need.