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The glass give us protection from the cold and benefit from the sunlight and especially the curved glass is synonymous of beauty, design and style.
However, the realization comes from a long and delicate process, where patience and attention to details are extremely important.
There are two different realization processes:
  • glass curved by gravity;
  • curved tempered glass.
Curved Glass for Gravity
The bending by gravity involves the creation of a special mold with the shape to be made.
The glass must be subjected to very high temperatures, above 600 ° in order to achieve greater compactness.
Thanks to this operation, the glass softens by gravity and begins to take on a shape. It is then cooled very slowly.
Tempered Curved Glass
In this case, the straight glass goes in a furnace that works in very high temperatures (about 600 C°), which works constantly on the pane glass.
When it is completely hot it automatically passes from the furnace to the blower where it molds itself by virtue of the predetermined radius of curvature and is simultaneously cooled with compressed air.
The cooling temper the glass which obtains a resistance 6 times higher than a non-tempered glass.
This is the synthesis of the curved glass creation process.