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Characteristics of Curved Glass: versatility and resistance
Curved glass is a very interesting and versatile material that is used in various industries, including construction, architecture and design.
The main features are versatility and resistance, moreover, it can also be bent into different shapes, which makes it ideal for the creation of non-flat surfaces, adapting perfectly to the curves of a building, for example.
The technique used to create curved glass involves heating the material up to a temperature, which makes it bendable by means of an automatic system with an attached furnace and blower, giving life to curved tempered glass (very resistant). Otherwise with another technique, through the use of a variable shape mold inserted in an oven, annealed curved glass (very versatile) can be obtained.
Curved glass has many practical applications including use in roofing, glazing, partition walls, balustrades, facades and stairways.
Furthermore, the aesthetics are an added value. Thanks to it it is in fact possible to create surfaces of the most varied shapes, with unique light and shadow effects.
In general, curved glass is a very interesting and versatile material, which offers many opportunities both from an aesthetic and a practical point of view.
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